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Bobcat Concrete and Masonry is a leading provider of concrete and masonry stairs repair and renovation in Los Angeles. As such, it’s no surprise that nearly all of our clients are frequent and returning customers, trusting us with their concrete stair repair and installation in Los Angeles over the years. Our reputation for excellence and high-quality concrete steps repair in Los Angeles is our pride and joy.

Masonry Stairs

An attractive alternative to precast concrete steps are brick steps. Brick steps are an aesthetically pleasing option to consider. Masonry stairs are constructed using bricks or natural stone that are resistant and suitable for all outdoor building projects, including applications where the brick stairs are repeatedly saturated

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Concrete Stairs

Concrete stairs can be built indoors or outdoors depending on your style or need, whether you want plain original concrete, polished, stained or stamped. When designed correctly, a concrete staircase is not only functional but can also add aesthetic value to the overall design of the building.